Francis Stuart: Artist and Outcast

First Edition: Liffey Press, Dublin; Dufour, Pennsylvania

Second Edition: Areopagitica, SC


'Stuart asked Kiely to write his life story and suggested it should read like a novel'.

Tony Bailie, The Irish News

'Kiely unravels what earlier studies, a short 1974 monograph by Jerry Natterstad and a basic 1990 life by Geoffrey Elborn, could not have revealed. With access to previously closed Department of Foreign Affairs files on Stuart copied from originals (destroyed in Berlin) by the Irish Legation who tracked him, and with intimate knowledge from long conversations over the decades, Kiely depicts a respectful, never fawning or ingratiating, portrait of enigmatic Stuart.'

Fionnchú, Etudes Irlandaises

'A fascinatingly accurate echo of the controversial writer's own eerie voice...'

Brian Lynch, The Irish Times

'Those seeking to unravel Stuart's labyrinthine life will hardly find a more detailed exposé than this one.'

David O'Donoghue, The Sunday Business Post

'And perhaps the strangest thing about Stuart is the way he almost predicted the course his life would take in some of his pre-war novels.'

'The biographer's congenial access to Stuart lends the book an authentic immediacy…'

Richard T. Murphy, New Hibernia Review
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