Mere Mortals


'he co-ordinates the levels of his material with an efficiency underscored by darker shades of absurdity, and flagelates the Irish educational system along the way'.

Ashling Maguire, The Irish Times

'a nerve-centre through which the daily affairs of small-town living are relayed, which makes for an auspicious starting point'.

Mary O'Donnell,The Sunday Tribune

'the prose has something of the intuitive feel of Henry Green's novella Loving, it is worth reading for the subtle movement of thought-packed language alone'.

Bruce Stewart, Books Ireland

'I refer to the lyrical, almost mythic sequence describing the origins of the Arch and at the end a beautiful portrayal of two elderly widows which transcends its pretentious title ('Sisters at Sunset in B Flat Minor')'.

John Dunne, The Irish Literary Supplement

'These books are for people who are bored with ordinary novels, and who want to read a distinctively Irish version of the modern. They are demotic in the way they assume they do not constitute an arcane taste; as any whiff of privilege is aggressively dispelled and undermining of highbrow pretensions creates a bond of complicity'.

J. C. C. Mays, Alpha
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